Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Zine Anthology: Hell and Demonic Possession Part One

Recently I was asked to contribute to a zine anthology loosely based around the "doorways to demonic possession". A satirical take on the often published list of beliefs,activities and pop culture icons that will damn you to hell and make you "possessed". Since it was Shayna Why asking who makes awesome paintings,drawings and comics I couldn't refuse. Although I found humor in the list, I really do like to think about God and having a spiritual purpose and our lives extending beyond this world in our human physical form. I was raised by a very strong willed woman who questions everything so of course I do not whole sale believe in just any religious ideology. I also question everything especially when it comes to matters of the soul,faith and spiritual redemption. That being said my contributions to the zine would have to revolve around larger issues that I've wondered about within religion and human nature when it comes to faith in general.
Many of the traditional "demonic" practices on the list were astrology,eastern religion (cults) and things we watch on television and in the movies.Many of my ideas crossed over between politics,government and media control as well as corruption within religion so I had a myriad of concepts to cull from. I decided to use pen and ink to keep it simple and easy to reproduce. My first drawing was based on a true story of demonic possession told to me by a family member who I will not name but lets just say this person scared the S%#@*&%T out of me with the re-telling of her story.
In my next drawing I wanted to address the all encompassing power that leaders in the church have and how that impacts us. I decided to use the image of a priest and alter boys. My focus was the shift in power dynamics when authority is not in balance.
In general most of my drawings are explorations of light and dark,getting lost in the media and creating and illusion of some kind but in this drawing I wanted to highlight the narrative aspect of what I was saying in a single page.
I'm not sure where my fear of catholic icons and symbols come from? But religious statues,nuns and even some church interiors scare me and I mean really scare me. My next drawing was simply drawing some those things.

 My contribution was a total of seven illustrations. The zine cover was created and printed by Shayna.
There were thirteen contributors and the zine can be purchased on-line or at up coming shows. I only have a couple copies now which are not for sale but soon I will sell them at shows.
Please also take the time to look up the other contributors.
Shayna Why,Kane Lynch,Tyler Cohen,Tessa Brunton and Scott Longo.

Please also go to my comic page to read the latest,
or my facebook,

Hell and Demonic Possession Zine Anthology Part 2

A collection of prose,illustrations,comics and poetry  comprise this anthology hand bound and cover printed by Shayna Why. This zine anthology explores the idea of hell and demonic possession in a fantastical tongue in cheek way.
I jumped right in and laid bare some of my fears and attempted to capture snapshots or vingnettes playing in my mind informed by my personal religious experiences or creepy stories told to me by friends or family.
Not only was this fun but gave me an opportunity to depict a theme I love to mix into all of my art work. Even in the most subtle ways I like to slip in a spiritual component to my work. A large percentage of my creative expression is represented as a dialogue either between myself and the viewer or myself and my unconscious mind and or spirit,enlightened energy,soul or God (however you define this for yourself).
My work is meant to engage and hopefully ignite a conversation around the subject matter. Here are photos of my contributions to the zine.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comic book Dreams

On to issue number 3 of Nuthin Good ever happens at 4 a.m.  I've decided to color this issue and offer a new tee shirt and poster. As I sketch out the poster and tee shirt design I've decided to share them here.
One of the more popular images in issue number 2 was the eye pop zombie. I think it makes for a cool and creepy new tee shirt. The new large drawing is of zombies in city center downtown Oakland with the twin towers of the Ron Dellums federal building on the horizon. Here are a few photos of both drawings in progress. I'll update this with final outcomes soon.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Arts and Craft Shows,Holiday fairs and Zinefests!

It's that time of year again where all of the festival,fair,show and convention vendors push through the end of the year to garner sales from the last of the Holiday shopping crowds. Last year I booked a half dozen shows all within a two week period and it was fun but so overwhelming that this year I decided to go for a less hectic schedule. I like to return to 8-10 shows every year. I split my time between the craft fairs and comic book and zinefests, this year was no different and I'm glad to say I had an awesome time at all of them. It is really cool to learn about the audience of both types of shows,meet and talk with folks as well as develop a repore with random people and other artists. Typically the California College of the Arts has it's Holiday Fair the first weekend of December but this year it was scheduled the weekend before Thanksgiving. I always have a blast at this fair and since I've been selling there for many years I see alot of familiar faces and enjoy return customers.
There is often stellar student artwork and alumni vendors who make the day memorable. This year was no different as I tabled next to Moose who makes fabulous bow ties!
I learned about the Eastbay Alternative Book and Zine fest last year and tabled there for the first time. I returned this past weekend and was delighted at how much the show has grown yet still maintains the friendly artists feel and community vibe.
Thanks to the organizers it was well advertised and at one point so jam packed that folks had trouble walking the isles. It may be time for a venue change? Awesome awesome event! My friend Dawood stopped by and we had one of our epic philosophical discussions at my table. Much drawing was done and lots of comic books were sold. The wonderful array of local indie zine and comicbook makers are too many to name here but I did have a chance to chat with Shayna of Shayna Why. I also had a good time chatting with artist/curator/teacher Karen Seneferu ,artist Mirabel Wigon ,awesome print maker Jeffrey Boozer of Crumblediamonds as well as  Ki Brown of Sinew Ave.

The St. David Santa's Breakfast and Holiday fair is always fun plus they feed the vendors! Hey and you can't go wrong when Santa buys tie dye! It's a great show to end with because it is in my old stomping grounds of Richmond and it's truly a light hearted family and kid friendly event. Again the organizers are top notch and are super considerate. Now that tabling is done for the year I can spend some much needed time on my etsy shop and hopefully making more people happy one tie dye piece of clothing at a time. Happy Holidays and please find me on facebook,tumblr and flickr.
facebook-tie dye stormone originals
facebook -comic book-nuthin good ever happens at 4 a.m.
tumblr -comic book

 Peace and Love

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

In the Making

detail of mixed media painting Shed
Well meaning acquaintances and  friends often give me postcards about art contests and forward magazine art show entry deadlines. Most of the contests and shows are pay to play which is mostly a big waste of time because the curator,magazine or venue has no incentive to sell or promote artists after they've received hundreds and hundreds of payments from naive artists. My friends and family say things like,"This would be great for exposure!" or "Good way to get your name out there!" Not really fully understanding I don't create or "make" art for exposure or fame or even money. Don't get me wrong it would be great to make a living doing what I love but money and fame do not motivate me AT ALL! While I have a 9-5 and spend 40 plus hours working in an office, even if I had a job working at a car wash or digging ditches I would still be a maker, a creator,a truth seeker,a student and a creative person. If I had a lower wage job without health care I would just struggle alot more just like I would  if I decided to devote 100% of my time pursuing art related jobs. What most people do not understand is "making" and "creating" for some of us is a compulsion,a need or a longing. Like breathing or eating. I can not function properly without a creative form of expression and there is no amount of money that can rival the high from being fully engaged in what one is doing.
I have been told by several people,"practice" drawing or be "disciplined" and draw everyday. The simple fact is art is not as simple as practice or placing oneself on a schedule to become "disciplined". Drawing or painting more does not make one "disciplined" and repeated mark making is not practice in the literal sense as in one practices and becomes "better".  I believe that art is the steadying of the mind, not the hand.
Don't get me wrong however I believe in practice but not simply as a drill or assignment without thought or reason. Passion without practice is a recipe for potential to go unfulfilled.
I believe in allowing oneself to go to another place and or making yourself available and open for creativity to flow through. The desire to be in this state of mind or spiritual place can be like a drug but becoming more in tune to our own "way" or "path" through "making" is to me art. Whatever is molded,or sculpted,painted,drawn,written,acted,sang,
danced or performed is just the formulation or outcome of said "art".
detail of mixed media painting Bittersweet

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time is Relative

"How long did that take you?" It's a question I hear over and over again. I don't quite understand the question or I should say the concept of the question. What is time? and how does it correlate to making?
Is a thing more significant because I spend more time in the actual manual production of it?
Was my goal the product? Or was my art the process by which I came to produce the product. Some say art is in the journey not the destination. I say art is in everything. Everyday. The way you brush your teeth. Art is the path you choose to cross the street. What street you choose to walk down. Isn't it all art?
And isn't it  in the doing? the looking? the questioning? Art is not a thing you can hold in your hand. Or is it?
I certainly do not believe art is a "thing". I may not know what art is but I can tell you what I like. I can tell you what I feel,sense,breathe and imagine.
That to me is art. The next time I'm asked "So how long did that take you?" my answer will be, "let me see I've been drawing it in my minds eye for about 3 months now so, "how many hours in 3 months?"
I wonder if that will answer their question?
Here is a portrait that I've drawn maybe 8 or 9 times and the steps I've taken this last time to draw it.
I still don't think I've captured his expression though.
William Faulkner says,

“...I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire...I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it. Because no battle is ever won he said. They are not even fought. The field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools.”

Enjoy the process.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Inktober is Over

Ah so much work but so sad to see it go! Inktober is over ya'll!
I can't believe it was October 1st just a few weeks ago? Wow! time does fly! It go pretty hard to pull out my drawing utensils late at night to come up with something for the day. I just didn't have time to draw like I wanted to. Plus my normal routine was interrupted by a few nights of going out and staying up too late,prep for art shows,artist talk and presentation and other art projects(tie dyeing yoga socks). I am busy but I like it like that. So Inktober was a challenge. I like to sit down to draw in long blocks of hours and hours whenever  I want so I am very happy to go back to that practice. I have a presentation to prepare for so I'm just gonna post a couple of my favorites from this past couple of weeks. All the days are on my flickr page here.Storm1sky. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Inktober Drawings

Day 19
Oh boy this is tough. Inktober is 31 days in October, 31 ink drawings. I've finished day 19. I'll work on day 20 tonight. I thought that I would post once a week on Friday's but then found it fun to post on twitter everyday. I haven't posted in the last week as I've been busy and haven't liked some of the quick drawings. It has been a challenge to not only come up with ideas of what to draw but to honestly draw the pictures on the day. I've heard artists say, "I'm doing a drawing a day." and thought to myself "how hard could that be?" or "big deal" don't we all as artist draw alot? Oh but to actually draw something everyday? It has taken more discipline than I thought it would. It's still fun, don't get me wrong but also a good lesson and has changed my perception. I've made a few drawings that I didn't like and didn't want to post but I made them so I'm not going to pretend to be motivated or "on" everyday so I won't make new or better ones. I'll just rock with the ugly little drawings I made. No need for pretense or to present myself as always making good work or successful drawings. I won't post all of them here but they are going on my flickr page. Here I will post my favorites from this past week and a half. So here are a few of my favs.
Day 6
Day 11