Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A.P.E. Alternative Press Expo 2013

Zombie drawing In-Progress at my Table
It's not often that I'm left speechless but I must say  several times during this past weekend at A.P.E. I found myself at a loss for words. From the cosplay guy who wore turquoise zebra striped speedo's and a muscle shirt with face paint to match to the steam punk girl in soft pink with platform thigh high pink lace up boots to the great people who returned to my table to buy the second addition of my comic book. All in all I had an amazing time talking to attendee's and other artists and creatives. I'm always happy that there is a venue for artists communities and those that support indie publishing. The best part of expo's like this is talking to folks who enjoy your work and receiving direct feedback. I met some of the most dynamic people at A.P.E. this year. Again I lucked out and tabled next to a badass Maureen Burdock who is probably working on her thesis as I type this. At the next table over I met Rachel Dukes of Mixtapecomics. Rachel was sweet and a delight to chat with. Please go check out her comics.  I also met the guys from  Crash Land a punk rock band who also produce a comic book! Hilarious and kept both days from getting stale. I'm still smiling. Wish I got all of their names.Fun guys! They were joined by Mirabel Wigon a lovely artist and comic book creator.
I was so humbled and delighted that folks wore my zombie kids tee-shirts and came back for issue number 2! It was super surprising to see people bring others over and buy more comics or just to let me know how much they loved reading my comic Nuthin Good Ever Happens at 4 a.m.
A.P.E. is only getting bigger and Thanks to the the volunteers and staff  registration and check-in was super easy. There was always someone willing to help with paperwork,parking and finding the ATM or bathroom.
I'm already looking forward to next year! Here are a few pics from both days!
Linda wearing my zombie kids tee!
Teddy picking up Issue #1
Rachel with her wonderful comics!
Welcome to Crash Land!

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